A much used functionality in TELS is the DUE SOON window. This analyzes your whole organization as it is known to TELS and then presents a sorted list over things due for action in the next 30 days. The default value of 30 days can be modified by the user. The list contains the following information: 

    1. Shortages of parts reported in to the logistics department when performing maintenance, included information about when a part is needed
    2. Tools that is due for calibration
    3. Serial parts where shelf life is close
    4. Batch parts where shelf life is close
    5. Personnel certificates where CRS is about to expire
    6. Vendors thet is about to expire
    7. Suppliers that is about to expire
    8. Tasks on aircrafts that is due in the next 30 days, based on known requirements and manual tasks

This list is dynamic and changes as time goes by and as aircrafts logs DFR data through the day. Why waste hours tabulating this information manually? TELS can do this in seconds.

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