TraceSearchWhere does the food product come from? This is an increasingly more important question for consumers and buyers to get answers about. Nofima Marked are among the world leaders in traceability of food products, especially concerning charting of processes and development of methods and standards.

Sections of the shrimp industry have developed an electronic information system that can provide customers and consumers more information about shrimps. This has been done in collaboration with development partner Nord-Norsk Teknologi and Nofima.

The shrimp industry in Norway and Northern Europe is facing major challenges to be competitive in an open global market with more stringent demands on price and quality. Consequently, the research project “Market-based electronic information exchange in the shrimp industry” became a reality. On commission from the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund (FHF), the project has developed an electronic information solution for the shrimp industry’s customers and consumers.

The aim is to create added value for the customer by offering supplementary information about the product, which is not normally possible on the product packaging.

“Each product is given a unique batch number which the consumer may enter into the website to access more information, but we are already seeing that using the QR code can simplify this further,” says Project Manager Roy Robertsen at Nofima.

“This will enable you to customize the information for the shrimp product that is being eaten, which will be directly available to the consumers,” concludes Robertsen.

Each factory may develop its own set of rules concerning which product information will accompany the product. The system has now been tested, but practical implementation in the companies remains to be done.

Further information may be found in Nofima report 36/2011 (Norwegian language only) and on the FHF website (link).


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